Into the Bullet Hell

Abstract and pixeled graphics, up-tempo and hyper music.
This is a real vertically scrolling 2D shooter game.
Dodge! Shoot! This is the BULLET-HELL!

– iPhone 5 or later
– iPad Air or later

Do You Love Shmups?

Shmups include a lot of fun of game.

- Excitement to destroying enemies
- Thrill to passing through mass bullets
- Sense of achievement

Do you want to feel that?

Seem Difficult?

The rules of game are very simple. Just shoot and dodge.

There are a lot of bullets, but your unhitting box is very small. You can easily dodge bullets than it looks. And it will be a slowdown during mass bullets.

Three difficulties are available, you can choose to fit your skill.

Easy Control

Slide your finger anywhere on the screen to move your ship. And tap second finger to fire the Homing Laser. Basic shots are automatic.

Homing Laser

The Homing Laser is very powerful. It will target at the nearest enemy.

The Homing Laser can be fired when the gauge is more than 1 level.  The gauge is filled by shooting enemies or collecting items.

The moment the Homing Laser was fired, bullets around your ship are canceled. The more gauge is the larger cancel range.

Hints and Tips

  • The more bullets are canceled, the more bonuses are obtained.
  • The higher bonuses and items are obtained by faster destroy enemies.
  • Destroying in the Homing Laser gives you additional bonuses.
  • Extra life every 3,000,000 pt.